Exams are near, no need to fear

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Exams are near, no need to fear.

Follow below rules to crack the exams and get good marks

Good timetable
Without a proper planning it is almost impossible to reach your target every student must prepare a proper timetable first and then start studying

To remove board exam fear
Keep away all the stress, you need to add a little more to your preparatory efforts so that all your hard work may get reflected in your exam performance

Solve CBSE exam paper
Teacher also suggests that the CBSE sample paper are usually a good way to start they also ask the students to go through the marking schemes released by the board

Set Goal
Set goal for yourself , like you will master periodic table by end of this day or solve all eg in trigonometry

Stay active
Don’t study on your bed in your pajamas studies show that laziness hamper with your brain power, instead dress like you are going out

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